Zero Method

ZERO METHOD, aka Miklos Szalkay (22, Hungary) is a new and upcoming DJ/producer from the hungarian drumandbass scene. His carrier started when he founded an online radio station, which was one of the biggest radios in that time. There were almost all kind of genres in electronic music, so it was a great opportunity to come to know with this sound. Around 2004 he started to making beats influeced by names like Bad Company, Ed Rush, Kemal or Cause4Concern. The first bigger result was in 2008 when he made a remix with Mindscape from their Hideout's track, which got signed to Trace's label, to the DSCI4. That's why he got to know with Trace, and got signed other tracks to the label.

During 2009, Zero Method's EP had released on DSCI4.
"Inspired in 2004 by a Kemal studio mix, Miklos Szalkay AKA ZERO METHOD started to follow the now legendery Hungarian scene. Naturally influenced by the world class talent around him such as SKC, Chris SU, Tactile, Mindscape and Palotai his love for DNB grew. It was soon after he started to produce on reason making DJ friendly tracks for the dancefloor. Zero Method has turned the heads of many DJ's looking for a less complex arrangement and pure drum and bass vibe. These 4 tracks are designed to get the party rolling with noobvious drops or silly edits,simple clean and effective drum and bass." words by Trace.

He's continuing to deliver his deep and minimal sound to the crowd with forthcoming releases on labels like Subtitles or Trust In Music. Watch out for this upcoming guy.


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