Zoltán Gál aka ICR is the latest of the young hungarian producers shaping the futuristic sounds of drum & bass. He has been a key figure in the country's thriving dnb scene, established it's online magazine and community site, in 1999 and releasing on dozens of diverse labels worldwide such as Offshore, Covert Operations (incl. debut album), Good Looking, Nerve, Fokuz, Counter Intelligence, Flatline Audio or X-Tinction Agenda. His creativity forced it's way to write and self-release his personal musical diaries (The Public Diary, Empty Pages) which are both acclaimed as beautiful and unique work noted from the likes of Tony Colman (London Elektricity) to Elhornet (Pendulum). Some of his music has lately been featured on major leauge DJ's shows like DJ Flight, Fabio, Grooverider and Marcus Intalex. Alongside his dnb releases which featured on his own digital label Misspent Music aswell, now he's pushing his boundaries and visiting the deep house scene for an EP on Glack Audio.

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