GLAU006: Dan F - The Politics Of Summer

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Release date: 2008-10-17


1. Dan F - The Politics Of Summer (TM7 Remix) [6:58]
2. Dan F - The Politics Of Summer (Mesmer Remix) [7:36]
3. Dan F - The Politics Of Summer ( Remix) [6:00]

Genre: breaks

About GLAU006:

The hallmark of the new Glack Audio release is no one else than Hong Kong's Dan F who needs not much of introduction to any breaks fan on this planet. Dealing mostly in 4/4 beats nowadays he surprised us with a quite special breakbeat cut which got terrific response during pre-release tests on various dancefloors.

The dirty, distorted hi-hats and rough drum patterns in the TM7 Remix work well with the Dan F style basslines on a good sound system. The other well known breaks producer from Romania, Mesmer is delivering a remix with an even more dancefloor-friendly sound, with energetic rhythms, added tricks and the unique Mesmer-style sound. This time around comes with low-key re-think of the track using the energy of the original bassline and still keeping the sound nice and gentle.

Don't forget to check Dan F's latest album (Rendition) released this year on his own label Disuye and watch out for Mesmer's forthcoming album to be released on the excellent swedish label, Sound Of Habib!

Artwork by 9b0 (
Metasonix TM-7

Some reactions:

Future Funk Squad (En:Vision / UK):
"i think for me here the mix takes the biscuit, the TM7 mix is pretty fat and original too so will prob alternate."

Johan (Sound Of Habib / SE):
"I love Dan F's stuff, that really is no secret. I am really happy to see him on my favourite label, Glack Audio! Mesmer delivers a really cool heads down bassline thing, that will do well in my sets. That said, when it comes to picking a remix, I have to go for the amazing remix. Simply stunning! Full support from me!"

Dan F (Disuye / Hong Kong):
"Loving both the remixes, good to hear massive beats re-united with fat basslines and plenty of atmospherics. "

Jay Epoch (Proton Radio):
"Mesmer & remixes are cool, may get support on my Proton show."

Oracle (Shiznit / US):
"These are fantastic mixes. I especially like the and Mesmer mixes. Really well produced, cinematic breaks. Thank you guys for keeping breakbeat ALIVE!!!"

Double Negative (Empathy Recordings / NZ):
„Love all 3 tunes! going straight on my playlist.”

Tony Tay (Zouk Club / Singapour):
"Another quality package! Full support for all the mixes."

Fine Cut Bodies (Chi Recordings / HU):
"the TM7 mix is the one for me... nice dirty bassline with crazy "melody" hook! Kev"

Llupa (Disc Breaks @ NSB Radio / AU):
"TM7 - Great distorted sounding tune. Wicked groove and progression. Like it - definitely one for the show

Mesmer - much more up beat feel, loving the growls and bleeps. The phased leads is cool. Great groove and movement. This one is the pick for me - will give it a spin out on the weekend. Mesmer really is on a roll at the moment. - Lead much more by the melody, this remix has a totally different feel from the other two. Using the bass line groove to underpin the track, the melody and swells lift the track to a nice euphoric place.

Great to see three very different takes of a tune in a package - nice work!"

Kevin Beber (UK):
"Consistently good."

9b0 (Glack Audio / Electrofly / HU):
"Great release once again from the Glack team. The 2 floorfiller tracks are very high quality tracks, but the most interesting one was the remix for me, with its strange drumpattern. There really should be more releases like yours! Thanks!"

Bijou Breaks ( / US):
"Dope relase, the mesmer one stands out for me."

Neztic (Sango Music / Mexico):
"Great single guys, the TM7 version is definitely my favourite."

Lifecycle (Ricochet / UK):
"Really crisp production on all - nice work.'s is the most interesting and will be the one that ends up in my record bag ;)"

Stefan Anion (US):
"Nice overall, love the tm7 and mesmer mixes."

Retroid (Morphosis / HU):
"I like the Mesmer Remix, will play it for sure"

Hiro (Spectrum / / UK):
„All quality, usual dan f high standard. mesmer mix for me.”

Yreane (XSSR Music / Russia):
"TM7 sounds like Dan F himself. Very dark, interesting and powerful track. And that bridge with guitars - wow!
Mesmer remix. As usual Memser is great. But in the same time - nothing from him. As always deep bassline and a lot of additional sounds.
I think remix has the best sound of this release. It's very differemt. But has very strange beat. Dunno how it works on the dancefloor.
Will spin all of mixes for sure. But really feel TM7 remix.
Thanx for great release again."

Jaurelio ( / Italy):
"Quality tunes, mates...Mesmer remix for nu skool set and TM7 for a more stricly 4/4 attitude...Flack Su rework is cinematic and good too....."

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