GLAU010A: VA - Previously on Glack Audio (Part 1)

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Release date: 2009-07-01


1. - T-Break (Aeron Aether Remix) [7:21]
2. Bennie Project - Fleshwound (Zero Method Remix) [6:00]
3. ICR - Lack Of Tomorrows (Flack's Second Try) [6:33]

Genre: breaks, dubstep

About GLAU010A:

10 releases might not be too much, other labels may churn out double this number but we're happy and proud for Glack Audio has reached this milestone. We thought we shall reflect on the last 2 years' productions but not in a form of a 'back catalouge' compilation (we find that a bit boring) but asking a few top-notch hungarian producers to remix the Glack Audio tracks so far released.

The 'Previously On Glack Audio EP' will be released in 3 instalments during the summer and will feature remixes in different styles.
The first part of the EP will include: The talented breakbeat producer Aeron Aether (Morphosis records, Silk Digital) created an atmospheric yet energetic rethink on's T-Break while the up-and-coming drum&bass producer Zero Method (DSCI4) has done a dubstep remix on Bennie Project's dark and moody Fleshwound.
The curiosity about this EP is that one of the label bosses took his remix of ICR: Lack Of Tomorrows and has a re-shuffle on that. A remix remixed? Let's think of it as a VIP version.

This release is a sort of a milestone for us and we would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone all the support, trust and all the constructive criticism!

Artwork by 9b0 (

Some reactions:

Kevin Beber (UK):
"nice mix of tunes ,
def feelin the chilled vibe of 'Lack Of Tomorrows'.
top stuff .
thanks ."

Burufunk (Shiznit / US):
"Incredibly solid material as a whole, as usual! Glack never disappoints. Strongly support!!"

Mesmer (Sound Of Habib / Scarcity / RO):
"" - T-Break (Aeron Aether Remix)" takes the cake on this one, excellent deep breaks tune - will drop it FOR SURE this saturday in Brighton :)
"ICR - Lack of Tomorrows (Flack`s Second Try)" - proper weed breaks tune, purely amazing tune, as ever, from Mr. Zoltan :) hehhe
"Bennie Project - Fleshwound (Zero Method Remix)" - although dubstep is not really what i play, i must admit this is a very sweet/nice tune and a very good produced one"

BETA ( Re:Connect / Sound Of Habib / UK):
"Flacks at it again, will give the Tbreak remix a blast at the weekend."

Lifecycle (Ricochet / UK):
"good stuff ... liking the proggy vibes in here - very tasty ... much respect once again"

Double Negative (Empathy Recordings / NZ):
"thanks, loving the dubstep tune, deeeep!
my fave will have to be lack of tommorrows.
thanks for the promo!

9b0 (Glack Audio / Electrofly / HU):
"Hard to pick my favourite on this release, coz all three are pretty much quality tracks (as it used to be on Glack audio). Finally i've put my choice on ICR's 'Lack of tomorrows' remix by Flack, since i feel that one the closest to my taste."

Stefan Anion (Shiznit / US):
"Love the Aeron Aether Remix, very nice and not your typical prog breaks track. The Bennie Project track is fucking sick!!!!! the ICR track is the business. Top Release."

Karl Sav (Reconnect Records / Erase Records / AU):
"T-Break remix is great. Very hard to beat the original package but this is a nice floaty take on it. Definitely supporting it. [...] Lack of Tomorrows - great 80's esque feel to it with the floaty goodness attached. Like it. Love the T-Break remix (Aeron Aether remix) the best. "

Tony Tay (Zouk Club / Singapure):
"Excellent package! I really like the Aeron Aether and Flack's Second Try remix. Great production all round!"

Jaurelio ( / ITA):
"'s a massive production!!!

Axim (Radió Café Szolfézs / HU):
"lovely to see Zero on a dubstep ground, but my vote goes for the "Second Try" rmx of deep chill, every time to listen track. lovely work!"

Yreane (XSSR Music / RU):
"Absolutly great remix from Aeron Aether!!! And beauty Flack's Second Try."

Anorganik (HU):
" ... the best is Flacky's remix of ICR's Lack of Tommorrow! Beautiful."

Tim Nugent (Dascyllus / UK):
"T-Break remix is awesome, lushness with some lively beats.
Lack of Tomorrows - early evening grooves, really liking this, great warm up stuff."
atmospheric and rude...."

Bennie Project (Glack Audio / NE):
"i like the fleshwound remix and the t breaks remix the most..
Nice release!"

Llupa (Disk Breaks NSB Radio / AU):
"cheers for the promo guys - always look forward to the latest Glack action :)
T-Break (Aeron Aether Remix) - I know this tune so well, it's great to hear another mix. This takes the original on a deep melodic tip, nice and uplifting without being cheesy, great groove, dig the beats - v cool
Fleshwound (Zero Method Remix) - ok, not feeling this, but I know that remixes like this will introduce the label to a new crowd, so great idea - just not my cuppa.
Lack Of Tomorrows - Not sure what the first try was like, but Flack nailed it with the 2nd go ;) Great chilled vibe, with a solid bass hook which carries it. Great mix opener.

Great idea on the 'previously...' remixes - look forward to more :D

ps. love 9b0's artwork too"

Mr No Hands (No Handed Music / Mixmag / UK):
"lovely tunes"

Retroid (Morphosis / HU):
"Lack Of Tomorrows is good chilly breaks, will give it a try in my mixes"

Dr. Schmidt (Maschinen Musik / Germany):
"I really like Flack's rework of Lack of Tomorrow. Dubby house music with a relentless groove and just the right dose of deepness. "

Neztic (Sango Music / MEX):
"i really like it"

Artists on the release