GLAU016: Kawatin - Plate Tectonics EP

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Release date: 2011-03-24


1. Kawatin - Plate Tectonics (Original Mix) [8:13]
2. Kawatin - Paradigm Shift (Original Mix) [6:59]
3. Kawatin - Feel (Original Mix) [6:27]
4. Kawatin - Plate Tectonics ( Remix) [6:58]

Genre: breaks

Artwork by 9b0 (

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Some reactions:

Stefan Anion (Shiznit / US):
"Phenomenal electro tunes. I've been digging a lot of Kawatin's stuff lately. Solid!"

Burufunk (Shiznit / US):
"Wicked release!"

Lifecycle (Ricochet / UK):
"Obviously I'm biased as I'm a huge Kawatin fan ... totally awesome EP ... flawless"

Yreane (XSSR Music / RU):
"Wow! PMT is back in "Plate Tectonics"! Absolutely love it. Both mixes. "

Dr. Schmidt (Maschinen Musik / GER):
"Excellent release. Maybe my favorite Glack Audio release so far. Love the dark atmospheres, sublime grooves, and the mean bass workout. The remix tops the whole package. Five out of five! "

Palotai (Tilos / HU):
"plate tekto is my fav"

Axim (Radió Café Szolfézs / HU):
"progressive break! this is missing all over the world! gonna be aired on radio! FEEEEEL!!!!"

9b0 (Glack Audio / Electrofly / HU):
"the whole release is just alright. specially like, that Paradigm Shift and Feel are not tending towards heavy pumpin' and french electrolike sound as most breaks releases do nowadays... and the artwork is great."

Retroid (Morphosis / Ego Shot / HU):
"Nice dark release! I like the whole EP!"

Bennie Project (Glack Audio / NE):
"Nice deep breaks ep.
I really like the track "Plate Tectonics""

Llupa ( (Disc Breaks @ NSB Radio / AU):
"great to see some new Glack stuff :)
loving' this release - proper deep left of centre stuff that gets to the core of what Glack is about for me. Hope we get to hear more from Kawatin
great release guys - full support here"

Neztic (Sango Music / Mexico):
"Great ep, nice tunes for listening and playing out on a deeper set, love it."

Kevin Beber (UK):
"[...] i really like Plate Tectonics (Original mix) .. builds nicely and creeps up on you quite ... um ... creepily .. but unexpectedly around 5 mins becomes friendly ... until the brooding bass takes over once again with it's creepy goodness . Nice :)))"

tOOk (Glack Audio / Scarcity / RUNE / HU):
"great release!
Paradigm Shift is just too damn deep!
nice oldskool feel overall!"

Rizkid (Budapest Deep Café / HU):
"very nice pack"

Fine Cut Bodies (Chi Recordings / HU):
"first 2 sounds like early evil nine (+ some PMT?) stuff!"

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation / UK):
"wonderful dark soundscapes on display here loving the evolving atmospheres and textures from all originals - awesome to hear something from Flack again I've missed you! "

AMB (Chi Recordings / HU):
"While obviously not into breaks these days, quite like 'paradigm shift', nice dark business."

Tim Nugent (Dascyllus / UK):
"Deep and dark - we like this. mix of Plate Tectonics is the one"

Mr No Hands (No Handed Music / Mixmag / UK):
"feel is lurvly tune...."

Mesmer (Scarcity / RO):
"Fantastic release! Loving all tunes! My fav are Paradigm Shift and Plate Tectonics ( Remix) :) Simply WOW"

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