GLAUA01: 9b0 - Error

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Release date: 2010-12-09


1. 9b0 - Error Intro (Original Mix) [2:39]
2. 9b0 - Pumpin My Heart Down The Toilet (Original Mix) [6:18]
3. 9b0 - Bullethell (Original Mix) [6:07]
4. 9b0 - Birdcatcher (Original Mix) [6:14]
5. 9b0 - Nothing Makes Sense (Original Mix) [6:38]
6. 9b0 - Antilightbulb (Error Version) [6:14]
7. 9b0 - Puppetmaster Part 1 (Original Mix) [5:59]
8. 9b0 - Puppetmaster Part 2 (Original Mix) [4:32]
9. 9b0 - Used To Be A Raver (Original Mix) [7:16]
10. 9b0 - In Pieces (Original Mix) [4:00]
11. 9b0 - Miss U (Original Mix) [2:12]
12. 9b0 - Error (Continuous Mix) [53:49]

Genre: electronica, breaks, ambient, dubstep

Artwork by 9b0 (

About the release:

With our tenth release we’ve reached a cornerstone and now we’re proud to announce yet another important stage, a full-length album. Even though most of the people know Glack Audio through it’s breakbeat releases we would like to stick to our vision to offer a wider spectrum of styles. 9b0 (Balazs Gyutai) insisted on his album to be released on Glack Audio and we are really honoured to have him and to release such an organic composition of music. According to Balazs the whole album is inspired by his own life, one can discover this personal touch if you take the time to listen to the album several times from the beginning to the end. It is a real treat for the ears to hear other people’s emotional experiences through music. He is also paying dues to his own musical heritage starting from ambient, electronica through dubstep or glitch-hop. Luckily he does this very well, not for a moment is he leaving his own sound yet he doesn’t get boring or predictable.

As a summary the ars poetica of the album could also be: AN ERROR IN A GOOD SENSE!

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Some reactions:

Brian Trifon (Trifonic / US):
"Dude! error is a great album. Congrats I really think it turned out well! The production and sound design are great and it still is very musical and not lost in technique.

"Nothing Makes Sense" and "puppetmaster pt2" are probably my favorites on first listen, but everything is well done and I want to listen to it more.

What are your plans in terms of releasing it etc? Once again, very impressed :)"

Kevin Beber (UK):
"top , top album .
9b0 is one of those artists that i just can't get enough of . Always technically on point and (very importantly) manages to maintain a musical edge - can't wait for some new stuff !"

BETA (Re:Connect / Sound Of Habib / UK):
"Cool album from a great electronica artist, certainly someone to watch out for!"

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation / UK):
"awesome dark downtempo breaks and electronica. Lovely soundscapes and brilliantly edited. Hard to pick a favourite at the moment but Pumpin My Heart is wonderful, sounds like a glitched Portishead! This will definitely be in my music collection for a long time - great work. "

ICR (Misspent Music / Impulsecreator / HU):
"one of the highlights of this year, a glitch masterpiece!"

Retroid (Morphosis / Ego Shot / HU):
"Like the album at all, nice journey! Used To Be A Raver is my fav pick!"

Aeron Aether:
"Amazing album, loving all the tracks!"

Bennie Project (Glack Audio / NE):
"Nice glitchy ep
The tracks are good for easy listning.
I like the bird catcher and Error the most"

Stefan Anion (Shiznit / US):
"I've been listening to this album for a while now and i would say it's my favorite album of the year. This is essential listening for anyone wanting to expand their horizons in the realms of music. It's pure genius, it's love, it's angry and it's just beautiful."

Double Negative (Empathy Recordings / NZ):
"great release guys!!!
feeling it"

Lifecycle (Ricochet / UK):
"Most feeling the more straight-up sound in the middle of this selection ... puppetmaster is superb! The ambient finale sounds great, too, but will need a good few listens to digest this, I'm sure.

Great to have an LP carrying the glack signature ... hope to hear some more albums from you in the new year!"

Marvin (HU):
"Album Of The Year!"

Neztic (Sango Music / MEX):
"Loving it!"

tOOk (HU):
"been waiting for this eagerly
great album, fits my mood these days"

Ruman (HU):
"Abszolút korszerű, színvonalas album. Ügyesen keveredik benne a glitch-hop, breakbeat, és egy kis L.A. Kedvencem a Bullethell és a Puppetmaster Part 1"

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